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What is the statute of limitations and why should I care?

First off, the statute of limitations is not like the statue of liberty, a statute is a law and a statue is a work of art. Next you should know that the statute of limitations limits the amount of time within that you can bring a lawsuit on a particular matter from the date of incident or in some cases, the date of discovery. This is important because you can lose your right to a legal claim if you wait too long to file a complaint with the court or appropriate tribunal. Speaking to an attorney about your legal issues will give you the best idea on how to preserve your rights for a legal claim if you have any.

Different states have different statutes regarding different maters, some of the statutes in New York are:
Personal Injury: 3 years;
Contracts: 6 years;
Injury to personal property: 3 years; and
Intentional tort: 1 year.

While the above is not exhaustive, it demonstrates the very diverse burdens, based on the type of action, placed upon someone seeking to bring a lawsuit. In fact, trying to bring a claim against the city or state of New York becomes even more complicated. If in doubt about your rights, contact a knowledgeable attorney.

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