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What is a Contingency fee?

Contingency fees are usually used in PERSONAL INJURY CASES, but can be used in many other types of Civil Litigation Lawsuits like Employment or Discrimination. What this typically means is that the attorney is paid only if you win the case instead of paying by the hour. Sometimes an attorney will take a small retainer upfront to cover some of the fees and costs normally associated with bringing a lawsuit, that upfront retainer can later be deducted from the contingency fee charged against the award or settlement later.

Does an attorney always agree for a contingency fee contract?

No, an attorney is not under any obligation to offer or provide a contingency fee contract. Contingency fee agreements are provided in cases where the client cannot afford to hire an attorney and the attorney believes the client has a meritorious case.

What is the difference between cost and fee?

Fee charged is for the time spent by the attorney and costs include filing fees, travel fees, copies, etc.

What is the typical percentage paid to attorney?

It can be as high as 50% or more.

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